Husqvarna concrete core drilling systems and diamond drill bits

More holes drilled per working hour. That’s what makes a Husqvarna core drilling system your most profitable investment.

When developing and improving our drill motors, drill stands and diamond bits we look at the whole system, and at every part, to find ways to make skilled drill operators work even more efficiently and effortlessly.

Our best reward is when customers tell us how their new Husqvarna drilling system has helped them nearly double their production rate. However we’re not surprised. Whatever your demands are when it comes to core drilling, it’s the focus on productivity that makes a Husqvarna drilling system stand out.

Drilling testimonial from Philadelphia

“The DM 650 is a great drill, it’s not too heavy, makes work a lot easier in small places.”

Greg Pontano, drilling specialist, Concrete Cutting Systems, Philadelphia, US

What determines your productivity?

Imagine a drilling duel between you and a clone of yourself. Both are equally skilled, both will be doing the same concrete drilling job at the same site. The only difference is the drilling equipment. Now you’re both standing by, ready to unload your service vans. Who will drill more holes per hour? Who will be done for the day first? Chances are it will be you, if you’re the one with the Husqvarna drill system. Because we focus entirely on your productivity, with drilling systems that offer superior power-to- weight, multi-tasking capability, unsurpassed versatility and effortless handling.

Holes drilled in one day 

One operator using the same equipment. 

with AD 10

without AD 10

“We recently sent one man to drill 300 Ø 100 mm holes through 610 mm of heavily reinforced concrete wall. He averaged over 30 holes a day. Nearly double what we expected! We are extremely pleased with our DM 650s.”

Jake Myers, M6 cutting and coring, Wichita KS, USA

Make your wishlist snap into place

With Husqvarna’s system concept, you can easily put together the ideal system for the type of drilling you do. All components are developed by our own design department to be combinable and easy to understand. Machines, tools and stands all work together to make set-up easy and to deliver your desired results, with minimal effort.

Rigid drill stands

A good drill stand should withstand rough handling, be easy to transport and install firmly in any position, and of course be rigid and stable enough for the job. In addition, Husqvarna drill stands are optimised for our drill motors with click-to-fit connections.

Powerful drill motors

Husqvarna drill motors are available in handheld or stand versions for electric, hydraulic and PRIME™ power sources. They are designed for maximum productivity, featuring durable gearboxes for optimal rpm, smart electronics for efficient protection and ergonomic design for easy handling.

Heavy duty power packs

These separate power sources are used with our most powerful drilling systems. The low-weight PRIME™ power packs are easy to transport and operate on both 1- and 3-phase electric power, while the hydraulic power packs are available in 3-phase electric and petrol versions.

Efficient drill bits

Husqvarna drill bits are developed together with our drill motors to enable the highest production rates. The Diagrip™ technology ensures fast and smooth drilling in heavily reinforced concrete. Special drill bits for handheld drilling in dry conditions are also available.

Smart drilling accessories

Husqvarna offers a comprehensive range of smart accessories for efficient drilling, including the WT 15 water tank, various anchoring kits, dust and slurry collectors and much more. All accessories are developed together with our drill motors and equipment for quick and seamless interaction.


DS 900

DS 900

Handle all drilling challenges

With a Husqvarna drilling system, you’re ready to tackle any drilling job and schedule with confidence. Multiple holes, tough materials, deep drilling, tight spaces, fixed obstacles, demanding environments or even bad weather won’t cause you too much problem. Drilling wet or dry, by stand or by hand – no matter what, Husqvarna provides you with the suitable equipment and tools.


For stand



Choose the right tool quality for optimal performance

If you’re a specialist working full-time with concrete drilling, you have different requirements for your diamond tools than if you’re a general contractor. To help you find the best tool for the job, Husqvarna diamond tools come in three different specifications: Gold, Silver and Bronze.


Husqvarna diamond tools developed for intensive professional use in specialist applications. Provide maximum cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy drilling. This quality class includes all Husqvarna Elite-Drill bits.


Husqvarna diamond tools developed for professional use in general applications. Provide high cutting speed and wear resistance in all drilling. This quality class includes all Husqvarna Vari-Drill bits.


Husqvarna diamond tools developed for occasional use and smaller jobs. Provide a good balance between performance and price in common drilling applications. This specification includes all Husqvarna Tacti-Drill bits.

Related products and accessories

A Husqvarna drill system should be easy to use, but also easy to buy, own, service and repair – that’s the main idea behind our service concept. At our customer and service centres you’ll find dedicated, highly skilled staff – experts on Husqvarna drill systems.

Fast and correct service and repairs are essential for professional users. To make the service process smooth and seamless, all authorised Husqvarna service and parts staff have access to an on-line Service Tool, which supports all service and repair functions, enabling shorter lead times and higher service quality.

“Like all equipment, even Husqvarna breaks down at times. But when that happens, the ­service that I get from Husqvarna has never let me down.”

Lance Larson, owner, Edmonton concrete cutting, Canada


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