1.1 Introduction

Get inspired and learn how to work as safely, ergonomically and efficiently as possible, in any given situation.

Safety and ergonomics have always been key areas in our product development. Two factors that automatically lead to more efficient work. Now we have taken this approach one step further by introducing the comprehensive DXR User Guide. This digital guide is a complement to the operation manual. It’s a useful source of information for both full-time users and those who use demolition robots less frequently.

1.2 Range overview

The Husqvarna remote-controlled demolition robots are in the forefront in demolition machines, featuring high power, low weight and functional design.

The range consists of five basic models, from the DXR 140 with 360° endless rotating arm to the DXR 310 with telescopic arm. Weights range from 995 kg to 2020 kg. The whole range of demolition robots are also available with feature packages. For maximum productivity, choose the optimal configuration for your kind of operation.

The feature packs

Hydraulic feature (P1)
Allows the operator to precisely control one extra hydraulic function, such as axial rotation of grapplers and sheerer. Also includes protection shields for the outer hydraulic cylinders. Available for all DXR models.

Enhanced cooling (P2)
Allows the DXR to work continuously in higher ambient temperatures, enabling higher productivity in various applications such as cement kins and steel factories. Available for all DXR model except DXR 140.

Heat protection (P3)
Allows the DXR to be used for de-slagging in hot melting plants and similar applications. Protects vital parts from damage caused by radiant heating as well as conduction heating. Available for DXR 270, DXR 300 and DXR 310.