Husqvarna battery series

Husqvarna’s battery-powered products rely on a range of lightweight, powerful lithium-ion batteries, arranged in an optimised set-up. The one-battery system means that the battery fits any machine, providing both convenience and flexibility.

Thanks to a smart and rigorously tested design, our battery machines fulfil IPX4 – a high weather protection standard for electronic products. This makes them longterm reliable working tools, especially in wet conditions. The batteries are kept at optimal temperatures through active cooling. Charging is both quick and easy with the intuitive Husqvarna chargers.

The high-energy set-up of the battery cells translates into powerful output. The batteries and motors are all developed and tested by Husqvarna to fit perfectly for Husqvarna products, making the machines well-balanced and the perfect match for any task. So, no matter if you need to cut, blow or trim – there’ll always be a machine for you.

Are you ready? Or are you already done?


Quick starts. Cordless convenience and low noise. Free from direct emissions and smoke. And impressive battery-powered performance. All rolled up in a range of user-friendly, excellently balanced machines with impressively low vibration levels. Husqvarna’s range of battery-powered products are always adapted for the job at hand. The motor and battery have been optimised for each machine in order to provide the very best combination of comfort, balance and performance. And since every charge costs a fraction of refuelling a petrol tank, you will repay your investment in Husqvarna battery equipment sooner than you think. Convenient. Flexible. With all the power needed to get the job done.


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