6.1 Service & maintenance

Regular maintenance

Performing general maintenance on your DXR on a regular basis is something you should always do. This ensures the best performance of your machine, longer service life and reliability that the machine will work when you are on a job and need it the most. This is how you perform a general inspection and maintenance on your DXR.

6.2 Storage and towing

We know that you make money when your machines are at work, however sometimes you might need to store your machine. Make sure you do it in the right way, so that when it is needed for a job, it is ready to go to work. Sometimes things do not go as planned and the machine breaks but you need to move it. DXR´s are not designed to be towed so if this happens, make sure you follow the instructions below.
  • Remove the tool from the machine and make the machine as compact as possible.
  • Store the machine and its equipment in a dry and frost proof place.
  • The main switch on the machine can be locked with a padlock to prevent unauthorised persons from starting the machine.

The machine is not designed to be towed. When the machine is depressurised, the drive motor’s parking brakes are activated and the caterpillar tracks cannot rotate. Only tow the machine if its position constitutes a risk and there is no other solution. Tow it for the shortest possible distance.

  • If possible, retract the outriggers before towing the machine in order to reduce the risk of them getting stuck and being damaged.
  • To minimise the load on the towing device and mechanical components, reduce the friction by preparing the route that the machine is going to be towed.
  • If possible tow in the direction of the tracks.

6.3 Husqvarna service

Regular service

To be sure that your machine will perform at its best in all situations, it is important that it gets regular service. We make constant improvements to the software for our machines and in the Husqvarna Service Centres you can be sure you always get the latest software installed along with the original parts. Moreover, there are competent staff with a deep knowledge of your machine and tools and with long experience of different jobs.