Husqvarna floor grinding and polishing systems and diamond tools

Preparing, grinding and polishing concrete floors, as well as repairing and polishing terrazzo and other natural stone are demanding jobs. To be a successful professional operator you need a unique combination of skills, physical strength and a well developed feeling for the material you’re working on, with a clear idea of the result you’re after.

Our mission is to enable you to perform at your maximum potential, by providing you with a system that includes the patented Dual Drive Technology, the wireless remote control machines PG 820 RC and PG 680 RC and the efficient DC 6000 dust collector.

In our product program you'll also find our range of easily transportable and highly useful small PG models. Like all Husqvarna floor grinders they are equipped as standard with our quick-fit RediLock® diamond tool system.
Oscillation feature

“With the Husqvarna grinding equipment we run, and the support they provide, we’re confident enough to aim for the really prestigious high-end jobs.”

Bill Brown, owner Bill Brown construction, San José, California

Counter rotation

When the machine is moved forward, the “middle zone” is ground more thoroughly than the “outer zones”. The end result is a deeper cut through the “middle zone” and a shallower cut in the “outer zones”. This is a direct result of where the diamonds have spent the most time.

Same direction rotation

When the machine is moved forward, the “middle zone” is still ground more thoroughly than the “outer zones”, but the difference is less than with counter direction. This produces more even results.

Higher production rate

Dual Drive Technology™ enables the operator to optimise the grinding process to the floor conditions and if suitable use a more aggressive grinding mode to increase the production rate.

A system designed to make your job more efficient

As a specialist in floor grinding and polishing you face new challenges every day. Concrete conditions and finish demands may differ, but the deadline is usually the same tight one. By using equipment that’s part of a well-thought and user-focused system you’ll be able to spend more time on productive work and less on hassle.
The Husqvarna floor grinding system is a setup of equipment and diamond tools that interact with each other in order to do a particular job. In the case with HiPERFLOOR®, the system also includes products for the various treatment stages.
Powerful, efficient and versatile Husqvarna concrete floor grinding system that is easy to transport, set up and use.

“Husqvarna PG 820 RC can perform at a 30% higher level than the standard model, and since we were on a tight schedule that was very welcome.”

Mustafa Kalelioglu, manager Cullas Ltd Sti, Istanbul, Turkey.



Single disc




Husqvarna diamond tools developed for intense professional use in specialist applications. Provide maximum speed and wear resistance in heavy grinding applications. Husqvarna PCD and Husqvarna Elite-Grind G 1400 series belong to this quality class.


Husqvarna diamond tools developed for professional use in general applications. Provide high speed and wear resistance in all grinding applications. Husqvarna Vari-Grind G 600 series tools belong to this quality class.


Husqvarna diamond tools developed for occasional use and smaller jobs. Provide a good balance between performance and price.

Related products and accessories

All Husqvarna floor grinding equipment is designed to be easy to use, but should also be easy to buy, own, service and repair – this is the main idea behind our service concept. At our customer and service centres you’ll meet dedicated, highly skilled personnel – experts on Husqvarna products.
Fast and correct service and repair of the equipment is essential for professional users. To make the service process smooth and seamless, all authorised Husqvarna service and parts staff have access to an on-line Service Tool, which supports all service and repair functions, enabling shorter lead times and higher service quality.


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