Vibration calculator

To calculate an A(8) exposure value, start by selecting a category and thereafter select a model; the calculator will appear. Simply enter the specified model estimated daily working times into the white fields and then click “Calculate”. Read the result for each tool from the column partial daily exposure. If you use multiple tools, the calculator will calculate the tools’ accumulated daily vibration exposure during the full working day in the cell below the partial daily exposure column. Please note that daily working time includes both the time when the operator is exposed to vibration and time without vibration exposure. (Breaks, maintenance, tank fillings etc).

Accumulated daily vibration exposure m/s² A(8)
A(8) < 2.5 m/s².
Daily vibration exposure below the Action Level. No need for further measures to reduce exposure.
A(8) = 2.5 - 5.0 m/s²
Daily vibration over Action Level. Increased risk for developing vibration related diseases for the operator. See Husqvarna recommendations and Directive 2002/44/EC for guidelines to reduce hazards from vibration exposure.
A(8) > 5.0 m/s²
Daily vibration exposure exceeds the Exposure Limit Value. Reduce daily work time and/or use machine with lower equivalent vibration level.