2.1 Dual drive

Two motors functioning independently but operating together. Husqvarna Dual Drive Technology™ is a patented design and this unique feature allows for an almost unlimited combination of settings and excellent control of the process.
Dual Drive gives you:

  • More versatility due to independent speed and rotation controls of planetary and satellites.
  • Higher productivity due to greater friction under the grinder from increased torque on the diamonds.
  • Greater adaptability to achieve the same great results on various surfaces.

With independent control of the planetary and grinding satellite function the operator has a machine that can be used in the heaviest demolition to the finest polishing applications.

The infographics below explain the simple physics behind the Dual Drive effect.

Dual drive, PG 680

2.2 Oscillation

The software that controls the forward motion on our remote-controlled grinders can be set to make the machine mimic the rocking side-to-side movements which are normally made manually by the operator when using a traditional grinding machine. This is done by adjusting the offset, width and length of the grinding pattern. This unique feature provides three main benefits:

  • It delivers a flatter floor, by eliminating the ridges otherwise created between passes.
  • It saves time, as the desired result is achieved instantly without using the cross hatching technique.
  • By using the same settings, identical surface results can be achieved with multiple operators.

2.3 Redi lock

Fit and switch tools instantly with Husqvarna Redi Lock® – no screws needed. Husqvarna Redi Lock is an instant, hassle-free system for fitting and switching metal-bonded diamond tooling. The Redi Lock diamond tools are securely fixed on the holder disc with a swift strike of a small hammer and removed just as easily.

With Redi Lock®, none of your productive time is lost sweating over damaged screw­heads or looking for lost screws. Husqvarna Redi Lock tools are available for all leading brands of concrete floor grinders.

2.4 Cyclone vac

Husqvarna DC 6000 features a unique 3-stage filtering process: A patented double-cylinder cyclone filter separates the heavier fraction of particles, before a HEPA 13-rated filter catches the remaining airborne dust. The self-cleaning feature enables you to work without any loss of suction force or air flow.

All particles are bagged in an easily emptied Longopac system. The high capacity makes Husqvarna DC 6000 suitable for use with high-performance concrete grinders like Husqvarna PG 820, PG 820 RC, PG 680 and PG 680 RC. This system ensures a workday with healthier air, cleaner floor and higher turnover.