7.1 Daily maintenance

Performing general inspections on your Floor Grinders and Dust Collectors  on a regular basis is something you should always do. This ensures the best performance of your machines, longer service life and reliability that the machine will work when you are on a job and need it the most. This is how you perform a general inspection and maintenance on your machines.

7.2 Storage

We know that you make money when your machines are at work, however sometimes you might need to store your machine. Make sure you do it in the right way, so that when it is needed for a job, it is ready to go to work.

The machine should always be stored in a lockable and dry area when not in use. Store the equipment in a lockable area so that it is out of reach of children and unauthorised persons.

7.3 Husqvarna service

To be sure that your machine will perform at its best in all situations, it is important that it gets serviced regularly. We make constant improvements to the software for our machines and in the Husqvarna Service Center you can be sure you always get the latest software installed along with the original parts. Moreover, there are competent staff with a deep knowledge of your machine and tools as well as experience of different jobs.

7.4 Troubleshooting

Remote can’t find machine

If the remote has been successfully paired with the machine, but the remote displays ‘Searching…’, make sure that the machine stop buttons are not pressed. There is one on the remote, on the control panel and one on the machine.

Grinder is leaving an irregular scratch pattern

The diamonds are possible incorrectly mounted or mounted at different heights on the grinding discs or the diamond tools are mixed. It can also be that the grinding discs are worn or damaged, the headlocks are missing or the resin has picked up a contaminant.

Grinder is leaving a dust trail

If the machine leaves a dust trail behind the machine when grinding, make sure that the skirt is intact. It can also mean that the dust collector is full and that its time to purge or change the bags.

For more troubleshooting, consult the operator’s manual for a greater table of resolutions.