4.1 Power

The Husqvarna Floor Grinders and Dust Collectors operates on single- and three phase. The power supply from the main must be sufficiently powerful and constant to ensure that the machine can be operated without problem. Increasing the speed will also increase the current being drawn by the machine. If on some applications the machine is drawing too much current and tripping current limiting switches, the speed of the machine must be reduced to compensate. Low voltage supplies to the grinder may result in poor performance (reduced speed and torque) of the machine. Factors which may contribute to low voltage supply to the machine include the following: 
  • Poor mains power supply (below 220V).
  • Working off a generator.
  • Using light duty power leads (power leads with at least 2.5mm cores are highly recommended).
  • Using more than 20m (65ft) long power lead.

4.2 Understanding basic remote functions

The floor grinder is controlled wirelessly with the remote control via radio communication between the remote controland the floor grinder, or alternatively via the CAN cable between the remote control and the floor grinder. The first time the remote control is to be used together with the floor grinder, they must be paired together in order for the radio communication to work. This may have already been done if the remote control was purchased together with the floor grinder.

  • First check that the floor grinder is active with the power cable connected and that the emergency stop on each control panel and the machine stop on the remote control are not depressed when pairing is performed.
  • Follow the instructions under Software settings below for instructions on how to pair the remote control with the floor grinder.

Use the arrow keys to scroll in the menus and the "OK" button to confirm the selection. Use the "back" button to go back in the menus.

4.3 Connecting dust collector

When connecting the DC 6000, ensure that vacuum is set to off. The dust bags should also be fitted prior to connecting the machine.

First, connect the 3” hose between the outlet port on the grinder and the inlet port on the dust collector. Secondly, connect the power plug from the grinder to the power outlet on the dust extractor and finally connect the power plug to an earthed outlet. 

4.4 Site positioning

Position the grinder near the power source and then work away from it to avoid getting caught up in your power cable. Start grinding nearer your vac and work away from it to avoid getting caught up in your dust hose.

Start with the first pass and lateral ’force’ to the wall, then have all other passes in the direction in which you are working across the room to ensure an even and consistent grinding patten.