Gloss & DOI meter RHOPOINT IQ

Rhopoint IQ

A mobile surface quality tester. The Rhopoint IQ Gloss Haze & DOI Meter quantifies surface quality problems that are invisible to a standard glossmeter. It profiles how light is reflected from a surface. Measures Gloss (GU) at 20° and 60°, DOI and Haze in a single click. Pocket-sized instrument with easy to read full color screen with adjustable brightness. To be used when validating the resulting surface characteristics during and after a polishing process. For example the specified Husqvarna Superfloor™ characteristics of minimum or maximum expected GU and DOI.

Artikelnummer : TESTUDSTYR GLOSS & DOI METER RHOPOINT IQ 20/60 - 593 31 15-01

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