Husqvarna UpCare. The all-inclusive service contract.

Husqvarna UpCare is a service contract that protects your Husqvarna equipment from unforeseen repair expenses, while minimizing both the risk and cost of unplanned downtime. Husqvarna UpCare gives you both security and control. Everything included is covered by a fixed quarterly fee that you can budget in advance.

“No worries

– the risks are on us!”


This is included in the UpCare contract:

  • Fixed quarterly fee during the contract period
  • Repair within 5 days including replacement parts and labour
  • Hire of replacement machine at a special rate during the repair time
  • Free loan of replacement equipment if the repair time exceeds 5 days
  • Only Genuine Husqvarna spare parts are used
  • All work performed by Husqvarna certified technicians
  • Preventive maintenance according to the machine’s service plan
  • All oils, filters and other service parts
  • All current software updates
  • Automatic logging of operating time
  • Extended warranty up to 4 years
  • Contract duration 36 or 48 months

This is how it works:

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1. Request

When you request a quote for new equipment, you also get a contract proposal for UpCare. The contract can be signed exclusively for brand-new Husqvarna equipment.

2. Register

The UpCare contract is registered with the equipment. You will be charged a fixed quarterly fee which covers all measures in the contract for the entire duration.
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3. Urgent repair

If your equipment is experiencing acute operational problems, just contact the nearest Husqvarna Service Center, which will solve the problem within 5 days.

4. Planned service

When you’re approaching the time for preventive maintenance according to the machine’s service plan, you will receive a booking proposal from your nearest Husqvarna Service Center.
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You can get UpCare with the following Husqvarna equipment:

Husqvarna DM 220 (36 months)
Husqvarna DM 230 (36 months)
Husqvarna DM 280 (36 months)
Husqvarna DM 340 (36 months)
Husqvarna DS 50 Gyro (36 months)
Husqvarna DS 150 (36 months)
Husqvarna DS 250 (36 months)
Husqvarna DS 450 (36 months)
Husqvarna DS 900 (36 months)

Husqvarna FS 5000 D (48 months)
Husqvarna FS 7000 D (48 months)
Husqvarna DM 650 (36 months)
Husqvarna PP 65 (36 months)
Husqvarna WS 220 (48 months)
Husqvarna PP 220 (36 months)
Husqvarna K 6500 (36 months)
Husqvarna K 6500 Ring (36 months)
Husqvarna K 6500 Chain (36 months)

Husqvarna WS 440 HF (48 months)
Husqvarna WS 482 HF (48 months)
Husqvarna CS 10 (48 months)
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