7.1 Attachment for hand grinders

The use of dust extractors creates a safer and more efficient work flow.

Attachment for hand grinders

The Husqvarna dust shrouds for hand grinders allow you to partner up your hand grinder and application to the appropriate Husqvarna dust extractor easily. With a flexible housing that moves with the surface to ensure good contact and a flip open front supported by wall rollers to get close to walls, these shrouds will make one of the dustier jobs clean and easy. 
Ensure to get the right attachment collar for your particular brand.

7.2 Attachment for angle grinders

Attachment for angle grinders

The Husqvarna dust hoods for angle grinders allow you to achieve results faster.  By catching the dust right at the point of contact you are able to not only cut safely but also have little to no additional clean up in the surrounding area or the cut itself.

Perfect for trade masters that use hand tools in their day to day work.

7.3 Universal drill attachment

The drill attachment can be used for universal drills for dust collection.

Universal drill attachments

The Husqvarna drilling attachment can be used on any flat surface, concrete, tile, brick and even plaster or gyprock.  The surface could be horizontal on flooring or benchtops, vertical on walls or pillars and even overhead in ceilings. By catching the dust right at the source additional  clean-up in not required making for a faster and more efficient job.

7.4 Attachment for demolition hammers

Attachment for demolition hammers

The Husqvarna attachment for demolition hammers makes any hammer compatible with our professional dust extractors. The use of dust extractors creates a safer working environment and a more efficient work flow by the reduction of airborne dust generated from the hammer tip allowing you a clear view around the impact point.

 Remember to adapt the distance at the end of the tool to approximately 2-3 cm (1”-1.5”)