UpCare service contracts

Maintenance and repairs are a natural part of any operation, but scheduling and keeping track of service times can be time consuming. And it often turns into unwanted costs as well as unplanned downtime. So why not leave all issues of planned service to Husqvarna? In this way, you safeguard your operation and your machine availability, leaving you free to focus on your core business – getting the work done right. 
Upcare connect (black)

Husqvarna UpCare is a service contract that will help keep your business on track. By allowing Husqvarna to time your service intervals through proactive maintenance, disruptions to your operation will be minimized.

By monitoring your equipment through the use of innovative technology, Husqvarna can assist you and optimally schedule maintenance for each machine – eliminating the risk of unnecessary service and allowing for perfect project planning, ordering of spare parts and cost minimization.

And of course, the service contract also covers unexpected failures. Should an UpCare covered machine break down in the midst of operation, we’ll repair it free of charge – including replacement parts and labor – within five business days from receiving it. If your machine is not ready within five days, we will offer a replacement unit in the meantime, free of charge.

UpCare is a fixed-price service agreement that will give you security and peace of mind, allowing you to achieve better long-term work planning with less administration.