4.1 Wet applications

The Husqvarna W-Line of slurry collectors are designed for the toughest jobs a slurry vacuum cleaner can handle. The W-line is perfect to collect slurry from our Husqvarna product range such as: Power Cutters, Core Drill Motors, Wall Saws and Floor Saws. For Core Drills we offer a range of different slurry collectors for simple and efficient slurry management.

Industrial wet and slurry vacuum designed for the toughest jobs.

Wet applications

The W-line is equipped with a very powerful evacuation pump that continuously pumps out slurry during operation. It is capable of pumping the slurry up to 200 meters horizontally and 9 meters vertically. This makes it very versatile and suitable for a very large range of wet applications. The wet vacuums are available in two different sizes; the W 250 P and the W 70 P.

Husqvarna always recommend the use of wet bags together with the W-line extractors to extend the lifetime of the motor and filter.


4.2 Inverted drilling

Incorporating the power of the W-line vacuums and the inverted drilling accessories Husqvarna offers a clean hassle free solution for what was once one of the messiest jobs in the industry.  Catching slurry at the source not only gives you a safer, cleaner environment it also saves you time later cleaning and in turn money. Ensure that water cannot leak into the machine when drilling in the ceiling.