Husqvarna diamond wires, blades, drill bits and grinding segments

Stone, concrete and steel are some of the hardest construction materials known to man. To cut through these elements with maximum precision, you need something even harder – a diamond blade or a diamond drill bit from Husqvarna, the world's leading producer.

A Husqvarna diamond tool is always a safe choice. We supply over nine million diamond tools every year – saw blades, drill bits, wires and grinding tools – to specialist operators, general contractors, craftsmen and machinery hire companies all over the world.

However it’s hard to judge the quality and performance of a diamond tool by just looking at it. And there are lots of tools, names and brands to choose from, making it difficult to know which tool to pick for a specific job.

Diamond tools for any requirement

If you’re a concrete cutting specialist who works full-time with large cutting and drilling jobs, you have other requirements for the diamond tools than, for example, a paving or pipe laying contractor who only occasionally uses cutting or drilling equipment. To help you find the best tool for the job, Husqvarna diamond tools come in three different specifications: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

“The diamond tools from Husqvarna just keep getting better and better. ­Especially the blade ranges aimed at high performance or high cutting speed.”

Gilles Poulet, CMO, Grenoble France


Husqvarna Elite-Cut blades, Elite-Drill core bits and Elite-Grind segments are the diamond tools for specialist contractors. Developed for intensive professional use in specialist applications. Provide maximum cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy cutting and drilling.


Husqvarna Vari-Cut blades, Vari-Drill core bits and Vari-Grind segments are the diamond tools for general contractors. Developed for professional use in all-round applications. Provide high cutting speed and wear resistance in all cutting and drilling.


Husqvarna Tacti-Cut blades, Tacti-Drill core bits and Tacti-Grind segments are the diamond tools for occasional users. Provide a good balance between performance and price in common cutting and drilling applications.

One blade series to cut anything from pipe to pavers

Vari-Cut is a premium diamond blade series designed to cut almost anything a general contractor comes across during a workday. You can cut pipe and steel rebar as easily as bricks, blocks and concrete slabs. When we’ve developing Vari-Cut we used all our cutting knowledge, to give you maximum blade for the buck. Husqvarna Vari-Cut blades are the ideal choice for general handheld cutting, floor sawing and masonry sawing applications.

“Increased cutting speed and blade life at a slightly increased entry price have proven their value to our customers. The Vari-Cut blades have been great additions to our product mix and have proven that value can be more important than cost.”

Craig Macfarlane jr. Clayton Block Company

Diamond tools for all construction applications

How diamond tools work

Diamond tools do not really “cut” like a knife – they grind. During the cutting process, individual diamond crystals are exposed on the outside edge and sides of the diamond segments or rim. These exposed surface diamonds do the grinding work. The metal “matrix” locks each diamond in place. Trailing behind each exposed diamond is a “bond tail” which helps support the diamond.

Exposed surface diamonds score the material, grinding it into a fine powder. Embedded diamonds remain beneath the surface. Exposed diamonds crack or fracture as they cut, breaking down into even smaller pieces. Hard, dense materials cause the diamonds to fracture even faster.

The material also begins to wear away the metal matrix through abrasion. Highly abrasive materials will cause the matrix to wear faster, allowing new layers of diamond exposure to continue cutting. This continuous grinding and wearing process continues until the blade is “worn out”. Sometimes a small, unusable part of the segments or rim may remain.

Cost-effective tool tips

1. Before you get started

Decide which is most important: the initial price of the tool or the cost per cut. For smaller jobs or occasional use, a low priced tool may be preferable. For larger jobs or regular use, a higher priced tool will actually be less expensive to use because it will deliver the lowest cost per cut.

For really big jobs, the lowest possible sawing cost (cost per metre/foot) is usually much more important than the initial price. Husqvarna has a grading system to help you identify the different performance levels of tools.

2. Know the type and power of your equipment

Will you be using a 5-hp power cutter or a 70-hp flat saw? The answer will dramatically impact blade choice. The blade size, whether you can use a wet or dry blade and the rpms needed to spin the blade all depend on the equipment.

3. Correctly identify what you are cutting

Correctly identifying the material to be cut is the most important factor in choosing a blade. It directly affects the cutting speed and the life of the blade. When you know the material our diamond tool recommendation charts help you find the most suitable tool.

Most Husqvarna blades cut a range of materials. For maximum performance (cutting speed and life), the material should be matched to the blade as closely as possible. As a general rule, determine the material which will be cut most often, or the material for which top blade performance is most important.

4. Choose wet or dry cutting

Choosing wet or dry may be a matter of user preference or job requirement. Wet cutting is usually preferred because you can cut deeper when using water as a coolant. For tile and masonry saws, either wet or dry cutting blades can be used. For power cutters, dry blades are more popular, but they are often used wet to control dust. Wet blades MUST be used with water. Dry blades may be used EITHER dry OR wet, depending on the job and the equipment.
For a professional contractor, high availability and fast delivery are often critical success factors. When you urgently need a diamond tool or qualified advice, your nearest Husqvarna Service Center is just a phone call away.

Here you will meet skilled and dedicated staff who know your industry and understand your specific conditions. Many of our staff have themselves been professional contractors, and enjoy working as hands-on consultants. Their experience, industry knowledge, product skills and service-mindedness means excellent support for you.
The tool or appliance you need is normally in stock for immediate delivery. There is also a complete workshop that can both service your equipment, re-tip your tools and make a customized diamond tool if you have special requirements.
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