Introducing Husqvarna Complete - a benefit program allowing contractors the opportunity to lease multiple pieces of Husqvarna equipment verses the purchase of one piece of equipment

The fixed monthly cost provides a flexible coverage period and the opportunity to upgrade to the latest equipment quickly and easily. 24 Month, 36 Month and 48 Month contracts are available.

K 7000

Warranty vs. Husqvarna Complete Coverage & Benefits:

  •  A warranty will cover equipment repairs due to defect within the warranty period. Husqvarna Complete provides coverage on 10+ factors. Those factors include: eliminating upfront purchase cost of select equipment, prioritizes repairs during and beyond the warranty period in an quick turnaround time and eliminates unplanned repair costs.

Husqvarna Complete Service Plans:


  • If your equipment is down, call a Husqvarna Service Center to schedule a replacement to be sent out. The exchange box with serviced equipment will be sent to your current location. Reuse the box to ship your machine back to Husqvarna. No downtime required.


  • Bring or ship your equipment to your nearest Husqvarna Service Center and we will repair it within five working days from the day the equipment is received. If we cannot repair the item within five working days, we will provide a loaner at no additional cost to you.