Husqvarna flat saws and diamond blades for cutting asphalt and concrete

In walk-behind flat sawing, maximum productivity can only be achieved by a well balanced formula of power, ergonomics, torque, maneuvrability and reliability. All factors must collaborate efficiently, so you can get the most out of your working day. It’s about the interplay between you, the machine and the diamond blade as a whole. This is what makes Husqvarna flat saws the ideal choice for maximum productivity.

With our complete line-up of top-quality machines, ranging from big, powerful road saws with Tier 4/Stage IIIB compliant diesel engines to small agile flat saws with reliable gasoline engines, we can offer a suitable machine for every job.

“Husqvarna supports everything that we do.”

Kris Gooding, Texas cutting & coring, Austin



Count on productivity – cut down emissions

Husqvarna FS 7000 D and FS 5000 D are ideal for mid-sized road work, service work and smaller jobs that require high production rates. Both are highly versatile thanks to their high output, compact size and good maneuverability.

”There is not a saw out there that can compete with Husqvarna, in my opinion.”

Mike Slow, flat saw operator, Concrete Cutting Systems, Philadelphia, US

Easy to maneuver, transport and maintain

Husqvarna FS 3500 G is a mid-size saw developed for patch and service work. Equipped with a 37 hp gasoline engine together with a self-adjusting belt tensioner for maximum convenience and belt life. Cutting depth capacity up to 12" with 30" diamond blade. Ready also for rental applications with adjustable handle bars, rpm gauge and hour meter. Water pump kit and light kit available as options.



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Maximum productivity is not only about the performance of the machine. It’s also about uptime. And key for optimal uptime is fast, knowledgeable and customer-oriented support. This is why Husqvarna offers a global service network with a strong local presence.

When you need a diamond tool, new equipment, technical service or expert advice, Husqvarnas service is just a phone call away. This is yet another reason to go with a Husqvarna flat saw.

”Husqvarna is always willing to listen.”

Douglas Smith, Sunbelt rentals, Houston


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