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No matter the type, size or ambition level of your project, we would like to support you in finishing your concrete slabs and floors. With our complete range of ride-on and walk-behind trowels and our Hipertrowel™ system solution, we can truly support you all the way from the pour of concrete to a finished floor.

How to succeed with concrete surfacing


Trowels are used to finish a concrete floor. They use pressure to make the surface flatter and smoother. Surfacing ensures the finish of the slab suits its intended purpose. Learn more about how to succeed with troweling in the guide below.

Trowel table


Consider the following factors when choosing troweling equipment

Area to cover
Usage of discs or blades

Type of slump

Available power supply
Size of the aggregate

How to succeed with troweling

  • Begin slowly. When concrete is fresh, it is fragile. If you go too fast, you may flush concrete away and create holes. Increase your speed as the concrete is curing.

  • For the first 1–3 passes, use floating discs or floating blades. For a flatter floor, use a ride-on trowel and more passes.

  • If you require a smoother surface, continue with finishing blades or combination blades.

  • Choose blades made from the right material. Steel and carbon blades are flexible and last longer, but may alter the colour of the concrete. If colour is important, e.g. when colour pigments are being used, use plastic blades.

  • High ambient temperatures cause concrete to dry quicker. So, if it is hot outside, the amount of time you have to trowel the concrete is reduced.

Ride-on trowels

When finishing concrete slabs, challenges can be many. Worrying about equipment should not be one of them. Our range of ride-on trowels will enable you to achieve great results on any job site, no matter the size. The ride-on trowels offer the torque, speed and smart features to finish the job at hand with confidence, while delivering exceptional floor flatness (FF).

Walk-behind trowels

Husqvarna walk-behind trowels are powerful machines, developed to deliver a smooth and durable concrete surface without compromising the operator’s productivity and safety. When you choose a walk-behind trowel, you should consider the size of the surface, the type of concrete, weather conditions and any obstacles or narrow doorways.

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