Husqvarna service, support and business solutions

At Husqvarna you can always expect service-minded and knowledgeable staff who provide world-class service, support and business solutions designed around you. This is how we can offer problem-free ownership with maximum uptime.

This means you can focus on your business, your clients and your staff. And with a broad supplier and long-term service partner like Husqvarna, you get one point of contact for all your equipment. To put it simply, you get everything at one place.

“Husqvarna provides great service. We feel safe using their machines since we know that if something goes wrong, help is always just a phone call away”.

Jimmy Johansson, Göteborgs Rivsteam, Gothenburg, Sweden

Experts at your service

At our customer and service centres you meet trained and highly skilled staff – experts on your machines. And when choosing us as your long-term service partner, you can look forward to having a single dedicated service contact - for all your Husqvarna equipment.

A global service network

Husqvarna offers a global service network with a strong local presence. When you need a diamond tool, new equipment, technical service or expert advice, our service is just a phone call away.

Solution-oriented thinking

We’re dedicated to finding solutions that help you get the job done. It could be sending out service cars for urgent repairs, setting up a consignment inventory of spare parts and diamond tools at your work site, or offering convenient tools to monitor the performance of your equipment.

State of the art process

To be able to offer fast and correct service and repair at our service centres, we have developed a state-of-the-art process that uses the latest technology. This is a cornerstone in our goal to provide you with the best service experience in the business.

“We run Husqvarna equipment because of the support”

Joe Johnson, Texas Cutting & Coring, Austin

Stop worrying about repair costs and unplanned downtime

The best way to prevent production disturbances is to have your equipment checked regularly by someone who has the proper knowledge, parts and tools. Following the scheme in your equipment’s service plan enables you to detect potential sources of error and replace worn parts before they cause problems.
In addition, we can help you ensure that your equipment is always up to date with the latest software and hardware updates. All preventive service jobs can be scheduled so as to minimise the disturbance to your production.

You can do the daily checks

The daily inspection and other minor service jobs you can handle yourself, perhaps with the aid of one of our resources listed below. If your company has its own workshop our service team can visit you to help train your operatives in the basics.

Let the experts do the rest

The more advanced service jobs and repairs are better handed over to the specially trained Husqvarna technicians. Many of our customers, professional users as well as rental companies, have chosen to outsource all technical service to their local Husqvarna Service Centre.
Optimal performance is all about the interplay between you, the machine and all its parts. Our machine parts are thoughtfully engineered and rigorously tested to provide durability, efficiency and low cost in the long term.
Ultimately, both the parts and the availability play important roles in minimized downtime. This is why our service centres only use Genuine Husqvarna parts for service and repairs.